So last year we decided that before Sheila and the kids got here we would update Isabella’s room into a new and improved big girl room. So we ( when I say we I mean me) cleaned and dusted and decluttered her room. Then we sold BJ’s very squeeky loft bed and dismantled and moved Isa’s captain bed into his room. So then naturally we had to clean Bj’s room and move his furniture and this project was now getting really involved. After we removed Isa’s bed we decided to finally pull up her old carpet. When we bought our house almost 8 years ago our bedroom and Isa’s room had carpet and the rest of the house was hardwoods. We pulled up our carpet before we moved in and there was hard wood under so we just cleaned it up. We decided back then to leave her carpet intact because well first off she was a baby and well they fall so at least her room would have cusion and she could puke, poop, color, paint and pee on that carpet and we didnt care it was old. Now 7 years later we pull up her carpet to find none other than cement… WTF how can the whole damn house be hardwood except one freakin room…. I was shocked, then pissed, then I cried. A very simple project was now turning into a nightmare. We were on a time line Sheila would be here in a week and the room is now all tore up. So after I calmed down me and Larry went and picked out some of the pop in fake wood flooring. When we got home him and BJ started on the project. I do believe it took them only a couple of days to get it all in and looking nice. We then went out and bought her a new Ikea half loft bed with a tent. We got the room up to liveable standards with new floor and bed with the thoughts that Sheila and I would redo her closet with shelves. We didnt get that done on that trip. So 6 months later around her 7th birthday I made Larry help me rip her closet apart and put in shelving so we could get rid of her dresser. Isabella has the smallest room in the house so she needed more space to grow in so with the loft bed we were able to add storage under for her toys. We added a new flat screen TV and she lost the dresser.

   A few months ago I found a desk outside someones house for free so I picked it up washed it off and figured when the weather got nicer I would repaint in and make it pretty again. Well this week was that time. Larry was out of town so we went and found her alittle cabinet to put her girly things in like makeup and hair stuff. Then we found some spray paint and mirrors. BJ and I painted and built the little cabinet on Sunday, Monday BJ started to paint the desk and he installed the mirrors. Today I finised the desk added some details bought some new knobies for the drawers. And finally after a year her room in finished. She now has a desk and computer work space a play area under her bed and a vanity area to be girly… How exciting. Then she lost her second tooth with 2 more loose to boot. She is getting so big.

The finished product


So I have been doing book club for over 2 years now and each month we meet at someones house eat a little food and discuss a book. Well when it started It was Me, Judy, Maria, and Pricilla. They all live right next to eachother so it was silly to have book club at my house and make everyone drive here. Then Teresa came in and lived in Bellevue so we added her to the rothation and we all carpooled to her house. Then My friend Laura joined and she offered to have it at her house a couple times. She lives close to me. So now I felt obligated to have it at my house (peer pressure). So Junes book club was at my house. We read Broken For You. Great book.  Now I dont do much entertaining at my house except fot the random BBQ or yard party where paper products are involved. I realized the day before the meeting I dont have any adult glasses or plates that arent beer glasses or chipped old hand me down plates…HMMM I realized I needed big girl stuff. So I went shopping and bought glasses and a set of dinner and dessert plates…Cheaper stuff but they looked way better than what I had 🙂 I did hide all that stuff away so I will have it for the next party 🙂

  The week before I was trying to figure out what I was going to make or buy food wise. I debated on making my mac n cheese, but I just made that when Sheila was here. So I thought I would just do pizza. Then I asked my wonderful husband via text if he had any good quiche recipes. His response, Yeah I can make quiche. Not what I asked, I know he can make anything you ask him too. So I told him I wanted to cook quiche for book club. He said he would bring the stuff home for me. Now when you ask most people for a recipe they usually write it down or at least tell you a general idea of how to make something….Not Larry. I was expecting him to bring me some ingredients and tell me how to put it together. This is what my great Hubby brang home for me 🙂

Everything chopped up in the pie shell with the egg batter in a bottle. He told me to add the egg goo and cook till solid like a pumpkin pie or till it reached 160. Thats why I love him 🙂 Here is the final product.

And it tasted damn good too.

After trying to download pics on the other blog and only being able to do one for some reason Im following Sheila and moving to this site.

Well it has happened my baby is turning into a big girl.. Im not quite sure when it occured or even how, believe me Ive tried to stop it, but it has happened.
The first sign is she is obsessed with music, she has taken that from both me and Larry we always have music on… loudly in most cases. But Isa takes it to a new level she started singing in the car right after she could talk. So before she was even 2 she could memorize songs on the radio and sing along. He favorite back then was Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood. And Honketonk Badonkadonk. Granted these are not child appropraite songs but who cares its cute.

She definitely listens to more chick country than others but she also likes that teenie bopper stuff like Miley Cyrus. She has been seen singing along to some Evanesance and Likin Park but I think she prefers the girly stuff.

So for Chistmas last year Larry gave Isa her first concert tickets to none other than Carrie Underwood. We went to the Concert last Saturday and it was an amazing show. Ive been to alot of concerts and I dont have any real complaints about any of them. But Carrie had an amazing stage show with 6 outfit changes a huge stage with graphics and even some patchouli wafting through the crowd. I had every intention of taking pics of Isa for her first experience but I ended up deleting most of the pics before I could down load them DAMN IT!! We had pretty good seats so no one was standiong in front of us and she could actually see the whole show. There were 2 opening bands Sons of Sylvia and Craig Morgan. I actually liked both these bands so I was just as excitied as Isa to be there. 

At one point Carrie came out susspended above the audience in the back of an old Chevy truck it drove around in circles right in front of us. I had a great pic…but oh well.

Before the show we got to hang out with daddy in the kitchen and eat in the restaurant for free! Ok I was watching TV



The second sign she is getting bigger she lost her first tooth yesterday.. I didnt lose my forst tooth till I was almost 8 so she is taking after me losing them late. But She didnt lose the typical top front it was a bottom front funny. So the tooth fairy came last night. Apparently she gives 5 dollars for the firs tooth 🙂